This is the homepage of the Bridge of Allan 76 Angling Club. The club is a co-operative of like minded game fisherman who collectively manage a small number of private fishing lochs. We look after the environment around our lochs and help cultivate the correct conditions to support good fishing. This often involves members taking an active part in work parties to help maintain the natural balance of the lochs. The club also has a very active match section with regular competition outings throughout the year. While the club is a private club we often organize visits to our lochs for groups of disabled anglers.

Risk Considerations for Covid-19

The Government is about to lift restrictions on Angling. The first phase of this restriction lifting should allow angling on bank and boat while observing social distancing standards. As previously indicated, the Government have asked us to limit our travelling, for any leisure pursuit, to 5 miles during Phase 1.

We need to be careful at all times as we try to get back towards some sort of normality.

Avoiding Infection:
Members who are medically compromised, or have damaged immunity should not go fishing.

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