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7lb Rainbow Captured from the Dam.

Craig Mason caught a 7lb Rainbow from the Dam at the end of the 2008 season.

Craig who is 9 1/2 wanted to try and catch a fish for an event being held at his primary school. All pupils were to bring in an item of Scottish produce which would then be cooked for a banquet for all the children.

We went for a quick trip up the the Dam to see if we could tempt a trout but the weather was incredibly bad with no sign of any fish. After around an hour we decided to pack up but out of the blue Craig got a bite.

The fish put up a very strong fight with Craig almost being pulled over the top of the casting platform a number of times!!! Fortunately we were able to untangle the fly line from his legs in time to save him and keep the fish on.

The fish weighed only 3lbs on the scales in the fishing hut so we assumed them to be broken and entered 5lbs in the book. On our return home we weighed it again with some accurate scales and found it was just over 7lbs.

The banquet went really well at his school and the entire fish was devoured by the pupils and teachers cool