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2010 Club Competition Winners

The results of the Bridge of Allan 76 club outings for 2010 were as follows:

2010 Results
Medal Winner
Club Champion and Fly Fishing Champion

M Willis

Runner Up :A Laird

Heaviest Fish - 7lb 4oz A Nicholson
D Strachan Trophy M Willis
Pairs Trophy A Nicholson + M Willis
Rising Sun Trophy M Willis
Davy Falconer Trophy D Curley
Outing Medals M Willis (6)                                                                     
  R Thomson (2)
  A Laird (1)                                
  I Reese  (1)
  D Curley (1)


The club championship placings were:

  1. M Willis
  2. A Laird
  3. R Thomson
  4. P Shephard
  5. G Hamilton
  6. D Curley

Thanks to Mikey for passing on the details and running the clubs match section.