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Weed Cutting in Partnership with Awards for All Scotland and Truxor

We have a Loch on which we have developed angling facilities for disabled anglers. These facilities include wheelchair friendly paths and casting platforms, a fishing hut and a wheely boat - a boat adapted for use by wheelchair anglers. The Loch has been used by disabled anglers for more than 20 years.
Before Cutting
In the last few years there had been a serious increase in weed growth to the extent that roughly 90% of the Loch had become non-fishable. The serious increase of weed growth had meant that angling has become almost impossible. As well as this, the weed growth was restricting access for disabled users. It had become a serious issue which we understood needed to be addressed.

We had managed to keep on top of the weeds at the Loch over the years by using different types of effective weed killers. However, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has outlawed the most effective chemical weed killers.

Therefore, we hired mechanical weed cutting and harvesting equipment, Truxor equipment. Truxor can cut and collect aquatic weed and reed growth, operating in sensitive areas without damage to the environment. This was our only choice for our Loch as it is inaccessible to conventional machines. To ensure the weeds wouldn't grow as vigorously again, Truxor cut and removed the weeds at the time of maximum growth at the end of May and early June. This removal of vigourous green growth considerably weakened the plants. This effectively reduced the extent of the weed and brought the loch back to a state where we could control future weed growth with our own small scale mechanical cutter.

Truxor Machinery

The project received part funding from Awards for All Scotland and from Active Stirling for which we are very grateful. Click on the image below to open the Awards for All Scotland website in a new browser window:
Our project will not take away all weeds as fish, and other aquatic creatures, need weed for food and protection, but it will make the access onto the facility much better and safer and the loch will be re-established as a fishery for the disabled anglers.

The following pictures show the Truxor machinery in operation. along with the outstanding final results:

Almost Done
All done

Here is an example video of Truxor being used:

Thanks to all involved in this project.