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Top Loch Weed Cutting 2018

As members will know the top loch has become harder and harder to fish due to the amount of weed. Therefore the club took the decision to cut the weed using a specialised cutting machine. Cutting operations lasted several days and this has made a big difference returning the loch back into a fishable state.

Cutting machine in action:
Cutting machine in action copyright W Anderson

Members gave a large amount of their own time to assist with both the cutting and the clearing of weed that had floated down to the dam wall.

The pictures below give a pictorial record of the works undertaken. Thanks to Willie Anderson for passing the pictures on.

Cutting towards top of loch:
Cutting up the loch copyright W Anderson

Start of cutting the dam end of the loch:
Start of cutting the dam end copyright W Anderson

Start of weed drifting down from the top end of the loch:
Weed drifting down copyright W Anderson

The lily pad tangle evident across large sections of the loch:
Lily pads copyright W Anderson

Lily pads after the first cut:
First cut copyright W Anderson

After the first clearing of cut weed:
First clearing copyright W Anderson

A fraction of the weed collected from around the dam:
Piled weed copyright W Anderson

Before cleaning more cut weed from the dam wall:
Cleaning more weed copyright W Anderson

Loch starting to look really good with weed both cut and cleared:
Cut and cleared copyright W Anderson

Final view of the dam looking in great shape:
Great shape copyright W Anderson

One word of caution is that there are on going logging operations therefore care should be taken to ensure roads are passable to cars.

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