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Risk Considerations for Covid-19

The Government is about to lift restrictions on Angling. The first phase of this restriction lifting should allow angling on bank and boat while observing social distancing standards. As previously indicated, the Government have asked us to limit our travelling, for any leisure pursuit, to 5 miles during Phase 1.

We need to be careful at all times as we try to get back towards some sort of normality.

Avoiding Infection:
Members who are medically compromised, or have damaged immunity should not go fishing.

Do not go to the fishery if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus.

If you show symptoms whilst at the waterside leave immediately and contact your GP as soon as possible. Also, please inform Club Secretary

The Government Guidelines ask that if we travel in a car that we should travel alone or with other people from our own household.

Similarly, if we fish from a boat we should fish alone or with other people from our own household

If we find other people are at the fishery we should practice Social Distancing.

At this time especially, make sure that the visitor book is signed and indicates where you intend fishing.

When we park at the Fishery we should distance the cars (appropriate separation) to allow for social distance of the occupants.

If you have to fish from the bank keep appropriate separation.

Do not share fishing tackle or hand over flies to members that are not part of your household.

Rubber disposable gloves can be useful but be aware that you must not touch your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus shouldn’t hurt you while it is on a hand or a glove but if you carelessly touch your face you can be infected. Carefully dispose of the gloves when you are finished with them. Wearing a face mask may also be useful in limiting the risks. A mask may have the effect of stopping you touching your face.

Be careful what you touch. You will have to touch the barriers and the padlocks. Hand sanitise once you are through the gate
You will be touching padlocks and doors on huts, oar stores and returns box. You will be transferring oars and anchors to boats. Again it is advisable to use hand sanitiser on completion of these tasks.

We would like to ask members to clean down (sanitise) oars and anything else that they may have handled when they have finished fishing but members should clean down the oars etc on arrival, in case they have not been cleaned thoroughly by the previous users.

Members should bring their own protective equipment including soap, wipes and hand sanitiser. A basin or pail would also be useful for gathering water to assist with hand and equipment washing. Please dispose of any contaminated water thoughtfully and do not contaminate the lochs.

It would be prudent to have a temporary ban on visitors to the lochs but members can take a member of their own household.

Please remember that your careful, thoughtful approach protects yourself and others. Take care, stay safe, stay well.

D Green 28.05.2020.